To do this, you first have to understand the organization of a company in Claimora.

All users must have a manager to have someone approve their vacations and deferred registrations. But what about the bosses of the company? Well, even if they themselves approve of the holidays, they need approval.

To solve this problem, the boss must have a manager role. So he himself, or someone with human resources permissions, needs to give those permissions to the boss. To do this, you have to go with the role of the human resource to the HR section and then select the profile of the head of the company. Now click on the eye icon that will appear on the right.

Once there we will see that the last section is roles. If we click on the pen on the right we can change the roles of this user. We mark the manager and save.

Now we go back to the Human Resources menu and the eye on the same user. Now in the OVERVIEW section, we see that it says the manager. We click on the pencil that we have on the right. We go down to where it says manager and we can see that within the list of managers we can choose the boss. We save and now the boss is the boss.

To test that everything works correctly we can switch to the boss's profile. Go to the employee section, Days worked, and now Request Vacation. We select a few days of vacation and now we go to the manager section.

In this section, we will see that we have a few days pending approval. Now we go to the eye icon that we have on the right and we can approve ourselves, cancel or see the vacation that we have requested.
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