A contract is an object that declares when the worker can work. To create a contract we must click on the "eye" that is on the same line as the new user, on the right.

When we click there we can see that we have some options and one is "ADD CONTRACT". We click here and now we have the following options.

- Start date: when the contract started
- End date: When the contract ends or if it is indefinite. If the contract is indefinite we must leave this date unselected.
- How many hours does this worker work per day: This option is not a fixed parameter. A worker can work 6 hours one day and 10 hours the next. It all depends on how your company works.
- Start of Shift: when the worker must start working. Remember that this parameter is combined with the margin in the shift
- End of Shift: when the contract must end to function
- Margin in the shift: In this parameter, we add the number of minutes that a worker can arrive early or late to start working. For example, if a worker is supposed to start work at 8 but tries to start recording their hours at 10 with only 60 minutes of compensation, the app will not allow them to do so.
- How many vacations do this worker have in days
- Backfill flexibility (days): Backfill defines how many days back in time employees can complete time stamps. If the value of the deferred registration is 1 day, the employee can register only today without the approval of a manager. If it's 30 days, then the entire month can be completed without anyone's approval.

We click save and now we can see, in the overview of this user, the contract, the role (human resources), the last location, if they have a manager, name,and email. If we go to the top of the page and click on HHRR we will see how our worker is now "Registered".

And if we are at the correct time to record the hours (between the start time and the end time with the shift margin under consideration) we can start recording our working hours.

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