We are going to learn how a worker can record his hours. As soon as someone from the Human Resources team adds you to the system, Claimora will send you an email with a link to confirm that the email is correct.

This link will redirect you directly to a page where you can add your password and when you finish this step, you are ready to record your hours.

Your HR colleague should add her contract within her profile and if she hasn't already done so, you will see a line informing you that she doesn't have a contract.

As soon as the contract is added and you are in the time frame in which you can work (for example, your company gives you the flexibility of 1 hour and you can work from 8 to 3), you can start recording your hours.

When recording the hours, have a button on the left ("Day Off") where you can select between holidays and a sick day.

On the second button ("START WORK"), you can start recording your hours. By clicking there, the application will start counting its time.

Now you have two options, click on the "stop" button when you consider that you have worked enough or click on "break" in case your company requires you to record your breaks.

If you add a break later you must click stop the break as soon as it ends.

At any time during the same day, you can always adjust your timestamps or your breaks by clicking the adjust button or even removing any breaks you have accidentally added.
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