We are going to learn how to modify an employee contract. First, we must bear in mind that only a user with the role of a human resource can modify a contract.

The first thing will be to log in with a user with the role of the human resource as we have already explained. Now we will see all the users who have registered data in the company. In order to modify a contract we first have to locate a user with a contract and that is simple.

Contract users have the status "functional". Now we click on the eye that we have to the right of the user's email address and we are on the correct screen.

We see the text "CONTRACT" and on the right a pencil and EDIT. Click and see all the details of the contract. If we click on EDIT, we will modify that contract.

Now if we click on Cancel contract what we are going to see is a window asking ourselves if we want to cancel the contract. Canceling the contract means moving it to the "NO CONTRACT" state so we will not be able to record any more hours, but we will not lose any recorded hours and all user information will remain there.
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