To register a new user in the company we only have to remember something very important. Only a user with the role of a human resource can register new users.

Now we log in with a user with the role we discussed earlier, human resources. We will directly see an option that says "NEW USER". Click and directly appear in the window where we will have to add the options:

- Mail address
- Name
- Middle Name
- Last Name
- Role

If the user does not have any role marked, it will only be a worker. If the marked role is manager you will be able to manage your subordinates. If it is human resources, all employees of the company and if it is a manager and human resources, it will have both permits at the same time.

The invited person came up with an email with a link.

Before clicking the link, the user will be in "INVITED" status.

As soon as you press and change the password it will go to "NO CONTRACT" status and now you just have to add a contract

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