When we open our browser and go to claimora.com we will see that in the upper right part of the screen there is a button called REGISTER

If we click there we will see a new screen called "Sign up". Now we simply need to add the company name and the country where our company is located. Now we will need to provide information for the first worker in the company. This worker will be automatically assigned to the HR team. For this user, we need the email, the name, and the two surnames of this person. The last thing is to type the password twice.

Now, when you click on "sign up", you have your company registered and with a worker added to your company, but this worker does not have a contract.

Sin contrato

Now your company is registered for free and forever in Claimora and you can use all the functionalities while your company has less than five workers and if it has more than four for about 3 euros per month.
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