First, you have to understand that when you request vacations, these have to be approved by the manager.

You have to take into account another detail about holidays and weekends. Only the days requested as vacations will count as vacations. With this, it must be taken into account that if a worker has a 30-day contract with weekends included, she should put the weekends as vacations. If a worker has a contract of 22 working days, he will only mark vacation days that he does not work. The same works if the worker rests any day of the week.

To request vacations we first have to click "Register hours" and then "Days Worked" at the top. Now click on "Request vacation" and here the work begins. In the calendar, you have to select the days we want to take a vacation.

As soon as you request your vacation your manager will receive an approval request. When he/she approve or cancel those you will see in the calendar the result.
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