Hi again, everybody. Today we are going to learn how the team calendar works. First you have to understand that only a user with a supervisor role can see this option. Once we are connected with a user with a supervisor role, if we do not go to the manager menu we can start to enjoy.

From this option we will be able to see the collective calendar of all the subordinates we have, with all their information, such as approved and unapproved vacation requests, medical leave, approved and unapproved requests for changes to records, and registered hours. by all our workers and all from a single view.

The ideal of this calendar is that it can be used perfectly to decide the vacations of our employees as a supervisor by having a global view and being able to decide in cases in which several users have decided to request the same days, reducing the hours that are lost generating expensive quadrants.

The operation is super simple. When we see an entry in red in the calendar, this means that it has not been approved or denied yet and all we have to do is click on that entry to get to the page where we can approve or deny the hours of that subordinate. And to make things easier if you look closely, each entry has the initials of the worker.

Thank you all very much and see you in the next article.
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