We are going to learn what we can do with the HR role. This role is like the superuser in Claimora and we are going to be able to do many things and all of them are in the HR Dashboard tab

Add a new user: To add a new user we need to click on "new user" in the main window. After that, we need to provide the email, First name, middle name, last name, manager of this user, and role in the case that it is not a worker.

Modify user information: Al the info provided before can be modified by this user. For example, we can change the user's manager or even the user's roles.

Change user password: In the same place that we saw before we can change the password of every user

Overview: Here we can see Contract information, user information, and the last location of this user. In case that this is a user we can all every worker that it is managing.

Workdays: Here we will have a calendar where we can see all the claims that every worker registered. Now if we click on one of the claims we will have detailed information about all the logs of this day. We can see the start and stop location, at what time he or she started to work, at what time he or she ends, and every change in the changedlog.

Print reports: Here we can get a pdf report of every claim of every user.

Log: Here we can see all the pages that every user visited in claimora. In this way, we can see where he was every moment.

Contract: We can change in this option the contract of the user that we choose. When he or she will start to work, end, vacation limit, hours per day, changes in the contract date, shift offset, shift start, and shift end.

See the company details: Here we can see how many employees do we have with our current license. In what country is our company located and check the billings

Update Billing information: Here human resources can add information about the company to create the monthly bills.

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