When you go to record your time you have information that may be interesting to you:

- Your shift: Schedule that you have in your contract. Keep in mind that you can record hours as long as it is within your working hours plus the margin of the shift that your contract has.
- Start time: What time are you going to start work, the time that the system has
- Worked: The hours or minutes you have worked today
- Since the last day: Time that has passed since you finished working yesterday. Remember that the distance between days is 12 hours minimum.
- Start Location: location of the IP with which you connect. Remember that if, for example, you use a VPN or ADSL service you could have a location that is not close to the correct one.
- End location: The same but the end location
- Current time: Current time in the system
- You can register: Number of hours that you can register according to your contract.
- Vacations: Day of vacations that you take and those that you have left.

So now when you record your hours, vacation days, or sick leave, you will know what all this information means.
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