We are going to learn all the states that we can have when a worker is added to your company. We need to remember that only a user with the role of Human resources can add a user.

invited: When a new worker is added to the company if we check in the human resources panel we will see that he or she is invited. This is the first step and here the worker is still not able to do anything. At this point, Claimora has sent an email to this worker email and we are waiting for him to confirm the email

No contract: This is when the user accepted the invitation clicking on the link that he received and changing the password. Now the worker can logon inside Claimora but still can't claim hours because still has no contract.

Onboarded: This is the last step and this happens when the human resources responsible added a contract to this worker. At this point, the worker can log in Claimora and even can claim hours.
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